www.otalati.com part of Zahara Travel & Service Bureau offers worldwide travel & holiday products with instant on line availability & confirmations. Programmes to suit every pocket from tailor-made family vacations to group escorted tours, safaris, ski holidays etc. are readily available.

www.otalati.com also provides customised implant solutions depending on the nature and volume of the companies requirements. Travel Consultants in an implant situation are located on site and transactions are done across the desk. Attention is given to the consultants adopting to the customer's environment and learning the culture and work ethics of the organization.

Every travel consultant has an average of 5 years industry experience, all of which are in the local market. Upon recruitment the travel consultants must go through an induction programme where they learn more about the history of Zahara Group and its values. The consultants then go through a specific in-house training programme dedicated to enhance and improve their skills and attitude.

www.otalati.com is a revolutionary style of business is where the travel industry is heading in the Middle East. By being proactive in adapting to constant changes, Otalati.com remains a fore runner in this industry.

We want to make sure that your holiday is everything that you have been looking for, and more. As such, we are continually looking for ways to improve our service and your feedback is a vital part of this.

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Postal Code 112, Sultanate of Oman.

Tel: +968-24400833
Fax: +968-24400818
Email: info@otalati.com

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