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Session on “Mental Health and Basic Yoga” on 3rd March 2023 at Wadi Kabir Park.

Through the COVID-19 crisis, The Zahara Group put in place initiatives that safeguard their employee’s mental, physical and economic health. This session was another in line with our belief of promoting the importance of mental health, eliminating stress and improving one’s life

During a time of great instability, with the far-reaching and devastating impact of COVID-19 has propelled mental health issues into the spotlight after being majorly overlooked earlier. Mental health and wellness of employees has always been a vital factor throughout and The Zahara Group is taking the initiative to prioritise their employees mental health. Comprehending the gravity of the issue, The Zahara Group has been taking the initiative to promote awareness of mental health issues among employees, encouraging them to seek help when required while putting in place daily measures to optimise their mental health. With the belief that Yoga is an invaluable tool to keep our physical and mental balance and health in optimum condition, The Zahara Group organised a session on ‘Mental Health and Basic Yoga’ for employees across Oman on 3rd March 2023 at Wadi Kabir Park. This is part of our continued efforts to help our employees overcome stress, rejuvenate their minds and alleviate their fears. This session reinforces The Zahara Group’s commitment to its employees’ mental welfare and assures the team that they and their families' mental health are a priority for the organisation. Through its partnership with yoga guru, Mr. Govind Negi – an expert specializing in teaching yoga and holistic wellness – The Zahara Group organized a session focusing on strengthening emotional immunity and providing support to our team members.

We at The Zahara Group believe that every organisation should focus on their employees’ mental well-being and promote awareness of mental health-related issues and how to deal with them.
We held this interactive learning session on ‘Mental Health and Basic Yoga’ to manage the daily challenges that we encounter. In the days ahead, we will continue to focus on mental health issues through various other initiatives. At The Zahara Group, we take mental health concerns seriously, addressing them with compassion, honesty and transparency.

Through and post the COVID-19 crisis, The Zahara Group put in place initiatives that safeguard their employee’s mental, physical and economic health.

The session was attended by more than 20 participants from different departments and renowned yoga guru Mr Govind Negi, shared his insights on how the ancient philosophy of yoga can help in leading a healthy, happy and stress-free life and how being mentally healthy leads to living an overall healthy life.

Mr Negi took a practical session to show some easy Yoga Asanas which can help people in maintaining their mental and physical health and well-being, after which he guided the participants about the issues of dealing with depression, loneliness, anxiety and stress through various methods including counselling and conversations while imparting tips on how to enhance their mental health.
Yoga was chosen for this session as it is in itself an amazing ancient Indian practice whose many benefits for both physical and mental health are well known. Given the context of the current climate, the benefits offered by Yoga have become especially important for physical and mental well-being. Of particular importance are its proven benefits on general health and immunity enhancement, along with its globally accepted role as a stress buster.

An educational question-answer session further nurtured the audience to deal with physical and mental obstacles in leading a healthy life through yoga and mental wellness.
Closing the session and thanking the guests and participants, everyone was provided with refreshments at the venue. This session was yet another successful CSR initiative by the company which immensely benefitted all the participants.