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Corporate Social Responsibility

Blood Donation Drive in collaboration with the Ministry of Health on 1st August 2022

The Zahara Group has organised a blood donation drive in association with the Ministry of Health, of The Sultanate of Oman at Zahara Conference Hall on Sunday, 1st August 2022 as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and community engagement efforts. Zahara Group’s blood donation campaign aims to help replenish the supplies of the Blood Bank and to ensure that it does not face any shortages whenever supplies are needed. The campaign falls under Zahara Group’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations which involve its Corporate Social Responsibility program, as part of its enduring commitment to be a socially responsible entity and contribute positively to the community in Oman as it strengthens its involvement in initiatives that benefit the entire society. The campaign saw a great response where employees from all departments participated in the event by donating blood, demonstrating their shared belief in the organisation's values and its vital role in the community. The campaign also saw participation by employee families and other volunteers and was overseen by a MOH Doctor, paramedical professionals, and volunteers from the company who were deployed in order to ensure a smooth blood donation drive. We are once again proud to partner with the Ministry of Health to organise this regular blood drive and help nourish the Blood Donor Center’s supplies, which are of critical importance to saving patients in need. As a committed, socially responsible organisation, we at The Zahara Group will always strive to support campaigns and initiatives which can help bolster the health sector in Oman. We would like to thank all our staff who participated in this campaign, and look forward to more beneficial partnerships with the Ministry of Health to support the well-being of the people of Oman. Our responsibility to the community has always been at the forefront of our CSR activities and is one of the main objectives of the organisation. Zahara Group has continuously committed itself to a series of corporate social responsibility programs in the community, including educational, health, and social programs. We would once again like to thank all our donors and volunteers, who have enthusiastically participated in this good cause.

Tour Excursion For Specially Abled Students

The Zahara Group, partnered with ‘The Association of Early Intervention of Children with Disability’, to organised a cultural excursion for specially-abled children which included a visit to the National Museum and Al Ahlam Palace on 15th November 2022. This is in line with our commitment to ensure social inclusiveness and provide platforms that promote the participation in all things of specially-abled people from all paths of life. This event was one of the varied CSR initiatives planned for our 50th Anniversary Celebrations A total of sixty people including children from The Association of Early Intervention of Children with Disability, accompanied by Teachers and parents participated in a fun excursion exploring these national treasures. The group was escorted by a team of two coaches, four volunteer guides, and two chauffeurs to ensure a smooth outing for all involved. The children met with the volunteers in the morning and the fact that this was the first such event for the organisation led to much excitement among the children as the vehicles transported these excited young kids from one venue to the other venue. Post the ride the children participated in several fun games and got the opportunity to play with the three cricket stars. While the session was organised to acknowledge and motivate the children to follow their dreams, as all things are possible, it also helped in rejuvenating our employees giving them a breath of fresh air as they interacted with young minds helping them explore new things away from their daily schedule. The children were overjoyed to explore these sites with their families, and teachers. One of our aims at The Zahara Group is to make travel a meaningful activity and experience in social, ecological and economic terms. We attach great value here to open communications amongst all the parties involved, from our customers to our personnel and our travel partners at our tourist destinations. We want social inclusiveness to be felt, both within and outside the company; we want to see it practiced at every level in our company as it remains a cornerstone of The Zahara Group’s corporate culture. Which is why we were delighted to promote cultural tours as a medium of empowering children in this project, witnessing a tremendous transformation in things. We are thrilled that this event was considered a success by the children, their parents, and The Association of Early Intervention of Children with Disability whose CEO Ms Sabah Al Bahlani expressed her thanks on behalf of their organization. We have liaised and associated ourselves with like-minded organisations to mindfully bring social inclusiveness into our products and work culture. We at The Zahara Group truly appreciate our team of volunteers who enthusiastically signed up for the excursion. We are also thankful to The Association of Early Intervention of Children with Disability for giving us this opportunity and appreciate their commitment and the work being done by them for specially-abled children.

Session on “Mental Health and Basic Yoga” on 3rd March 2023 at Wadi Kabir Park.

Through the COVID-19 crisis, The Zahara Group put in place initiatives that safeguard their employee’s mental, physical and economic health. This session was another in line with our belief of promoting the importance of mental health, eliminating stress and improving one’s life During a time of great instability, with the far-reaching and devastating impact of COVID-19 has propelled mental health issues into the spotlight after being majorly overlooked earlier. Mental health and wellness of employees has always been a vital factor throughout and The Zahara Group is taking the initiative to prioritise their employees mental health. Comprehending the gravity of the issue, The Zahara Group has been taking the initiative to promote awareness of mental health issues among employees, encouraging them to seek help when required while putting in place daily measures to optimise their mental health. With the belief that Yoga is an invaluable tool to keep our physical and mental balance and health in optimum condition, The Zahara Group organised a session on ‘Mental Health and Basic Yoga’ for employees across Oman on 3rd March 2023 at Wadi Kabir Park. This is part of our continued efforts to help our employees overcome stress, rejuvenate their minds and alleviate their fears. This session reinforces The Zahara Group’s commitment to its employees’ mental welfare and assures the team that they and their families' mental health are a priority for the organisation. Through its partnership with yoga guru, Mr. Govind Negi – an expert specializing in teaching yoga and holistic wellness – The Zahara Group organized a session focusing on strengthening emotional immunity and providing support to our team members. We at The Zahara Group believe that every organisation should focus on their employees’ mental well-being and promote awareness of mental health-related issues and how to deal with them. We held this interactive learning session on ‘Mental Health and Basic Yoga’ to manage the daily challenges that we encounter. In the days ahead, we will continue to focus on mental health issues through various other initiatives. At The Zahara Group, we take mental health concerns seriously, addressing them with compassion, honesty and transparency. Through and post the COVID-19 crisis, The Zahara Group put in place initiatives that safeguard their employee’s mental, physical and economic health. The session was attended by more than 20 participants from different departments and renowned yoga guru Mr Govind Negi, shared his insights on how the ancient philosophy of yoga can help in leading a healthy, happy and stress-free life and how being mentally healthy leads to living an overall healthy life. Mr Negi took a practical session to show some easy Yoga Asanas which can help people in maintaining their mental and physical health and well-being, after which he guided the participants about the issues of dealing with depression, loneliness, anxiety and stress through various methods including counselling and conversations while imparting tips on how to enhance their mental health. Yoga was chosen for this session as it is in itself an amazing ancient Indian practice whose many benefits for both physical and mental health are well known. Given the context of the current climate, the benefits offered by Yoga have become especially important for physical and mental well-being. Of particular importance are its proven benefits on general health and immunity enhancement, along with its globally accepted role as a stress buster. An educational question-answer session further nurtured the audience to deal with physical and mental obstacles in leading a healthy life through yoga and mental wellness. Closing the session and thanking the guests and participants, everyone was provided with refreshments at the venue. This session was yet another successful CSR initiative by the company which immensely benefited all the participants.

Planting of Saplings at The View Oman on February 18th 2023

As part of our routine CSR and sustainability activities, The Zahara Group organized a tree plantation drive in Al Hamra aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, and combating climate change while preserving nature's beauty. The event took place on February 18th, 2023, on the premises of one of our resorts, The View Oman, situated at Hail Al Shas in Al Hamra and witnessed participation by members of our corporate team and hotel associates. A variety of trees were planted in and around the area at The View Oman.

Zahara employees Run Al Mouj Muscat Marathon 2022

In November 2022, a number of Zahara Group employees ran the Al Mouj Muscat Marathon 2022 in support of the Environment Society of Oman (ESO), and the Oman Diabetes Association (ODA). Participation in The Muscat Marathon has become an annual CSR activity for The Zahara Group. A number of our staff have demonstrated great enthusiasm towards participation in this marathon from the year of our first involvement in 2018 and were eagerly awaiting its next edition. After a year of hiatus, Muscat Marathon was rescheduled for the 11th and 12th of November 2022. This has been the fourth consecutive year Zahara staff members have been actively participating in this mega sporting event of the Sultanate of Oman. When the internal announcement was made that the Zahara Group was entering a team to support our corporate social responsibility initiatives, and sponsoring the registration charges for all the Zahara runners, we were delighted to see strong participation by our employees in the event. We believe that thinking about the contribution we would make to communities while moving towards promoting fitness in the organization really motivated our team. We’ve always believed that sport brings people together and this was definitely the case during the Al Mouj Muscat marathon. Our team came from different parts of the business – from front-line workers to Head Office management. But on that day we were all the same – when you’re chasing the finish line and sweating buckets, each individual is no different than any other. Practice sessions commenced close to two months before the event in early September 2022 under the coaching and guidance of one of our very own, a Full Marathon Champion, and expert runner Mr Prasad. Participants made the best out of the weekly coaching sessions by regularly attending and taking into consideration the tips shared by Coach Prasad. They were also practising on their own during other days. This way, running became a routine affair and a way of life for many of our staff members of the company. The entire philosophy of our CSR program isn’t just about giving money to charity. It’s about having a long-term vision of what the Zahara Group stands for in Oman and internationally and we see helping the community as part of this. The participants of Al Mouj Muscat Marathon made their race more meaningful by dedicating it to a cause greater than themselves, with part of the proceeds from the 5km Run category going towards non-profit organizations of Environment Society of Oman, and Oman Diabetes Association. When we asked the team to discuss their experience at the marathon, it was clear that they didn’t do it because they felt obliged by the company. It was a personal commitment to helping others. For us, this commitment is a very special thing and we believe it is this that will help us become one of the industry leaders in Oman. Running was purely voluntary and there is no compulsion from the organization. It is the sole decision of the employees. However, considering the benefits and the often sedentary lifestyle that we follow, we encourage more of our employees to take part in this annual event and live a healthy lifestyle. This year, there were more than 12,000 runners from 103 countries who participated in the two-day mega running festival, organized at Al Mouj. We at The Zahara Group heartily supported this event both for its role in encouraging fitness and in supporting the Environment Society of Oman, and Oman Diabetes Association. Both of these non-profit organizations aim to make a positive difference in the community towards their individual causes- the Environment Society of Oman by raising awareness for the need to care for the natural environment, and the Oman Diabetes Association with their work regarding improving the health and well-being of people of Oman. The Zahara Management extends its heartiest congratulation to all Zahara Runners for successfully completing their run in the respective running category, for which they enrolled.

Zahara Corporate Fitness Challenge to Promote Wellness in the Community

We at the Zahara Group believe that healthy people are happy people. Therefore we encourage our employees to be active and to stay active no matter the circumstances. We even dared to challenge them to test their fitness against their will to contribute to a cause, and we celebrated the excellent results by donating for a significant cause. In today's world no one can ignore the importance of staying healthy, and keeping that in mind the same, we at The Zahara Group launched a corporate wellness initiative where we introduced our fitness challenge, a competitive running event for corporate participants, which brings together fitness-minded individuals to promote physical fitness amongst professionals while contributing to a social cause. As part of our 50th Anniversary Celebrations and our commitment to employees’ health and wellbeing the Challenge involved a target to run over 50km within thirty days and a number of our employees participated in the fitness challenge this year. Needless to mention, the set target was a very minimum distance for a period of 30 days, as the average distance works out to only 1.7 km per day. Further for each participant who ran the challenge the company would contribute RO 10 to a charity organization. The top three finishers of the event will be felicitated at a company event for their achievements. The Zahara Group has partnered with the ‘Association of Early Intervention for Children with Disability’ for the Challenge and will contribute RO 150 to the organisation. Wellness has been a key focus area for The Zahara Group’s corporate social responsibility programs. Through internal initiatives and involving ourself with a number of running and fitness events, we have been engaging with our employees and communities across Oman to promote fitness. Through this Corporate Fitness Challenge, we seek to encourage working professionals in the Zahara Group to take up running and stay fit. The intention was to motivate and inculcate the fitness habit amongst our colleagues, as part of our Golden Jubilee Celebrations. We accordingly urge all our colleagues to keep continuing the same activity and make it a way of your healthy life. The response to this fitness challenge was overwhelming. All the participants did their best to show the world how we keep ourselves fit during these testing times and meet the challenge target. The results are finally in! Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Fitness Challenge. It was great to see so many fitness enthusiasts amongst us. 15 of our colleagues have achieved the set target of 50KMs in a month’s time. Well done Team! Below are the top 3 winners across Oman in order of most kilometers run: o Prasad 389 KMs [Accounts Dept] o Naveen 329 KMs [E-Commerce Dept] o Jagdish 265 KMs [ANRS] Congratulations Prasad, Naveen and Jagdish for this outstanding accomplishment!!! We are aware that most of our teammates are focusing on their own fitness activity on a regular basis. We urge others, who are yet to start some fitness activity, to get into the habit of any such fitness program [yoga, walk, run, Zumba, gym, swim, cricket, football, etc] and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. About The Zahara Group Corporate Fitness Challenge’s Charity Partner The Association of Early Intervention is a non-profit charitable organization established on May 29, 2000. It depends on donations from the private sector, individuals, schools, government, charity boxes, and families of the children it supports to run its operations. The association is aimed at children with disabilities from birth until the age of nine, and it covers their rehabilitation, social and psychological needs, and daily life skills and training with the aim of enrolling children in regular schools if possible or developing their skills and helping them adapt to their disabilities in various fields. This is to ensure a better quality of life for them and their families and to integrate them into society. Association Early Intervention is the only association in the Sultanate of Oman that provides services to children with disabilities from birth. The 2022 fitness challenge was a great hit! A big round of applause for all our health warriors who took out time and actively participated in the fitness challenge. We are extremely proud to have such fitness enthusiasts in our organisation. We look forward to the active participation of more colleagues in such future events. Stay healthy, stay fit!

Run For Life- 2017

Our employees participated in the 'Run For Life' event in 2017.

Participated in Muscat Marathon Partnering with Oman Diabetic Association- 2018

Employees at the Zahara Group participated in Muscat Marathon partnering with Oman Diabetic Association to promote healthy living in 2018.

Walkathon Towards Charity For Dar Al Atta in 2017

In 2017 the Zahara Group participated in a Walkathon towards charity For Dar Al Atta

Raising Awareness for Early Intervention for Children with Disability

The Zahara Group organised a Charity Walk to raise awareness for early intervention for children with disabilities in 2016.