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Zahara Conducts Personal Development Workshops For Employees

Zahara Travel and Service Bureau (ZTSB), recently ran two training workshops to help its managers, supervisors and staff to update skills in, both, managerial excellence and personal & career development. The two workshops – ‘Managerial Excellence in Tourism’ for all managerial and supervisory cadre employees and ‘Personal and Career Development’ for all the other staff members were specially customized and conducted by Professor Panduranga Bhatta from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta and organised by Jinachandran, Business Support Manager at ZTSB.

Professor Bhatta of IIM Calcutta, India has been associated with IIM for the past several years. He has been conducting management workshops for reputed organizations - both in India and abroad for several years and possesses rich experience in research and teaching related to the Tourism industry.

Commenting on the training workshops, Gautam Broota, General Manager at ZTSB said, “Our people are key contributors to the reputation Zahara has built as a reliable and professional service provider.” Broota further explained, “We are keen on investing in employee training programs that will go a long way in enhancing each employee’s knowledge and skills and thereby equip them to improve the overall customer experience. We want to be a great place to work and thereby, we constantly research and develop training programs for all members.

In his inaugural speech to all staff present for the training programs, Broota highlighted the importance of such training in keeping employees updated with various new management techniques, importance of learning the personal development techniques, learning the techniques on teaming up, sharing the responsibilities, listening and valuing suggestions, feedbacks, options, and developing solutions that work for the greater benefit, especially to the company's customers.

The training module for the 2-day workshop on Managerial Excellence in Tourism encompassed topics such as Tourism Excellence through Customer Focus, Art of Inspiring People for Delivering Excellence, Time Management and Coping with Stress, Managing Vs Leading, Developing Emotional Competence and Man Management Techniques. For the Personal and Career Development workshop, aspects such as Excellence through Customer Focus, Motivation, Soft Skills & Team Building Skills, Coping with Stress and Emotional Competency Development formed the core module of the training.

Zahara has conducted several other training programs that include Hospitality and customer service training for Limousine and Transfer Chauffeurs, Leadership Excellence workshop (conducted by IIM) for all divisional managers and Customer Care workshops for key sales and marketing employees including assistant managers and training provided to back office staff on MS-Office applications for increasing efficiency. Moreover, the company has a policy of providing intensive in-house professional guiding training to its Foreign Language Speaking Tour Guides and Interpreters.

“I have been entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating such training and employee development programs for our employees and I am glad about the positive feedback received from the participants on the benefits they derived out of the rich experience shared by the Professor during the workshops”, said Jinachandran.

Source: Newswire Today